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Privacy Policy and
your consent with e-mailings and
our responsibilities

Your privacy is of vital importance to us. We want your Internet activities to be as far as possible pleasant and useful so that you could be absolutely calm to safely use the widest range of information, tools and opportunities offered by the Internet environment.

Your private information provided upon registration (or at any other time) is primarily used for preparation of the Products or Services according to your needs. Your information will be not passed or sold to any other third party.

Which data are acquired on the website

Upon voluntary registration which enables to receive e-mailings, participate in online events and download files from the self-employed entrepreneur Borodkin M.V., you send your name, E-mail and the phone number via a registration form.

What is the purpose of data acquisition

We use your name to address to you in person, and your e-mail and phone number for e-mailings, sending training newsletters, useful materials and commercial proposals.

Your name, e-mail and your phone number will be passed to third parties in no circumstances and not for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise provided by law. Your name, e-mail and phone number are on the secure server of the service to be used in line with its Privacy Policy.

You may of course unsubscribe the e-mailings and delete your contact details from the data base at any time, clicking on a special link to unsubscribe the e-mailings which is in every mail.

How are the data used

On the website and its subdomains, cookies and data on visitors of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika are used. By means of the data, information is acquired on visitors' activities on the website to further improve its content and functional capabilities, and, as a consequence, to create high-quality content and services for its visitors.

Any time you can change settings of your browser to block any cookie files or to be informed of sending these files. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to use some functions properly after the settings have been changed.

How are the data protected

To ensure privacy, we use a variety of administrative, managerial and technical security measures. Our company maintains various international standards of control aimed at privacy operations to include certain measures to ensure security of information acquired in the Internet.

Our employees are trained to understand and take these security measures, they are fully aware of our Privacy notice, norms and guidelines.

Nevertheless, although we aim to secure your private information, you also have to take some actions to protect it.

We strongly recommend you to take all reasonable care being in the online environment. Services we provide and websites we have created contain means to avoid leakage of information, illegal and unauthorized use of and making changes to information under our control. Although we make every effort to secure integrity and safety of our network and systems we cannot guarantee that our security measures are able to prevent any illegal access to this information when attacked by hackers of outside agencies.

In event of changes to the present Privacy policy you will be able to read them on this page or, in specific situations, receive a corresponding notice to your e-mail.

For any questions feel free to contact our site administrator and mail to

Your consent with e-mailings and our responsibilities

Filling in the form on our website you accept our privacy policy. You also agree in this case that we are entitled to disclose your private information in the following instances:

  1. With your consent: in all other cases our Company is obliged to obtain your clear consent before passing your private information to any third party. For instance, our Company can implement a joint proposal or a competition with a third party. In that case we shall request your permission to jointly use your private information with that third party.
  2. Companies acting in our name: we cooperate with other companies that exercise functions in our name to support businesses, and in this connection your private information can be disclosed partially. We require these companies to use the information for rendering services only, in line with and on a basis of a contract concluded; they are prohibited to pass this information to other parties in cases different from those when disclosure of information is caused by provision of services agreed. Examples of business supporting services are: execution of orders, progressing of demands, granting of prizes and bonuses, polling of customers and management of information systems. We also disclose summarized, non-personalized information when we choose service providers.
  3. Subsidiary undertakings and joint ventures: subsidiary undertakings and joint ventures mean companies with a Company's interest to make 50% at least. When our Company passes your information to subsidiary undertakings and joint ventures, it requires not to disclose this information to any other parties for purposes of marketing, or in any other manner conflicting with your choice. If you have refused to obtain any marketing materials from our Company, we shall not submit your information to our subsidiary undertakings and joint ventures for purposes of marketing.
  4. Joint or partners' pages: our Company may share information with partners with which it implements special proposals and takes measures aimed at sales promotion on joint pages of our website. Upon request for personal details on these pages, you will receive a notice to inform you of information transfer. Our partner will use any information you have provided on a basis of its own privacy notice which you can read prior to providing your private information.
  5. Upon change of control of the Company: our Company reserves the right to pass your personal details in connection with whole or partial sale, or transfer of our enterprise, or its assets. Upon sale or transfer of business, our Company will enable you to opt out of sharing your private information. In some cases this can mean that a new agency, or company, will not further be able to provide services to you, or sell products which our Company has sold or provided before.
  6. Law enforcement agencies: without your consent our Company may disclose your private information to third parties for any reason as follows: prevention of violations of laws, regulatory legal acts and court rulings; participation in government investigations; assistance for fraud prevention; strengthening and protection of rights of the Company and its subsidiary undertakings;
All the private information that you have provided for registration on our website may at any time be changed or completely deleted from our database upon your request. For that you have to choose any method convenient to you to contact us, using contact details placed in a special website section.

If you wish to unsubscribe regular e-mailings, you can do it any time, using a special link that is in the end of each mail.

For any questions feel free to contact our site administrator and mail to

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